Third party design review

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With increasing complexity in building façade designs, inherently, façade access systems are also becoming more complex. Simple roof anchors and small davit arms are no longer adequate to support the complex building shapes and increasingly more complex rigging processes.

When an Architect or builder engages an access system manufacturer, it is important any proposed design and equipment meet the specifications and objectives and all regulatory and best practice code requirements.

The demand placed on design engineers often requires them to finish a project in a short time frame. This can lead to missing important details or considerations.

The involvement of an independent consulting engineer to review the proposed design is critical to have an optimal system considering the cost, code-complaint and ease of use for the workers.  Once an access system is fabricated and installed on a building, any changes or improvement to the system would not be economical because of the massive cost.

We provide “fresh eyes” to review a design applying our broad experience coupled with strong consideration for practicality, cost and maintenance.

We have observed on many projects where the design of access system looked straight forward, however, when the final solutions provided were marred with issues ranging from poor design for installation to systems that simply could not perform the intended function.

Overlooking a third party review could lead to the following issues:

  • Designs that look good on paper, however, design does not fit the purpose. Very difficult or impossible to operate leading to time delays and increased costs of operation and maintenance;
  • Improper selection of access system type;
  • Improper design that introduces new element of risk to health and safety of workers. Increasing the owners potential exposure to liability;
  • Failure of design.

Basically designers should consider following aspects of design in the design process;

  • Design for fabrication
  • Design for installation
  • Design for functionality
  • Design for maintenance

We have on many occasions offered practical suggestions to improve the design of access systems considering safety, user friendliness, reduced cost of operation and maintenance.

Our involvement reduced the risk of having any compliance and functionality issues when project is complete. Also we help building owners avoid significant problems and costs associated with retrofitting systems that may not be code compliant or poorly designed to fit the purpose. Such issues would cause a significant increase in the operating cost. Many non-compliant access systems introduce elements of risk to health and safety to workers, employers and building owners.

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