Fall protection Systems

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Working at heights whether on roofs or other elevated structures is a relatively common occurrence across many sectors of industry. When working at height, workers can be exposed to fall hazards unless they are equipped with a proper fall protection system.

Fall protection strategies can range from the passive guardrail systems to more complex systems such as active horizontal lifeline systems.

Selection of appropriate solutions to mitigate the risk of a fall hazard is of critical importance and should be considered in light of the work processes that produce the hazards and provide optimum fall protection to workers without impeding their workflow or creating other potential hazards.

Our expert technicians and engineers are equipped with the right tools and range of expertise will work with you to understand your requirements and provide solutions grounded in industry best practices.

Our design and solutions will meet and exceed all regulatory requirements and just as important your expectations. The designs and solution recommendations are always a product of our team’s internal collaboration and will be signed and sealed by our expert engineers.

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