Non-Destructive Testing

Fall protections anchors installed by means of adhesive fasteners are typically required to be periodically proof load tested to confirm the integrity and bonding strength of the fasteners. Also, horizontal and vertical lifeline systems with swaged and swageless terminals normally require proof load testing of the terminals at intervals specified by the manufacturer of the system or the design engineer. We offer a non-destructive testing program designed to tests the adhesive fasteners and HLL terminals to the required specifications.

Our engineers prepare a comprehensive test report where all our field observations are detailed. As a service to our clients, we maintain an electronic back up of all reports and drawings accessible to our clients at any time at no additional cost.

Our technical advisors are highly trained engineers or technologists with many years of experience in performing non-destructive of fall protection systems.

Our technical advisors stand ready to help you. Give us a call or drop us a line and one of our technical advisors will be happy to assist you.