About us

Mission statement:

Our mission is simple, to delight our clients with exceptional service and superior yet simple and practical solutions.


We believe every individual working at heights in our industry deserve to have the best possible safety equipment and training to enable their safe return to their families at the end of each work day.

We believe in developing solutions that are founded on understanding of work processes and avoid solution that impede process workflows and introduce other complications.

We believe in providing the highest standard of care in everything we do to make working at heights safer.

Our values are deeply entrenched in behaving with integrity, being responsible and treating each other and our clients with the utmost respect.

We are based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. With decades of combined experience in delivering exceptional solutions and delighting our clients, we have developed an excellent foundation and respectable reputation amongst our clients and peers for our dedication to excellence, quality of service and effectiveness of our solutions.

We differentiate ourselves through our nimbleness and responsiveness to our client’s needs in delivering solutions that are simple, practical, cost effective and designed specifically for each process/application.  Fall protection and access system problems can be complicated, solutions don’t have to be. We believe in designing solutions that are simple to use and easy to maintain.

Our expert knowledge combined with access to cutting edge technology, engineering test instrumentation enables us to deliver solutions to delight our clients. We take much pride in being extremely responsive to our clients’ specific needs and completing projects on time, on budget and  right the first time every time.

Your ANCHOR EXPERTS stand ready to serve you with providing solutions or to simply help you answer any technical questions you may have. Go ahead and contact one our technical advisors and experience the difference.

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