Our credentials:

Technical credentials are an important element of delivering sound technical solutions and advice on safety related equipment. That’s why prudent clients recognize the importance of focused education, knowledge and experience when it comes to managing their safety related equipment.

By ensuring we have in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations, national and international standards coupled with experienced engineers and technologists, we provide our customers with the assurance that Anchor Experts’ solutions are technically sound and designed for the intended function.

Our engineers and technologist are regularly trained in understanding the requirements of current regulations and CSA standards (CSA Z91, CSA Z271 and CSA Z 259 series of standards) that apply to fall protection and roof anchor façade access systems.

We are members of CSA Z91 and CSA B354 Technical Committees and endeavour to do our part in developing best practice standards in our industry to enhance the health and safety of workers in our industry.

Having credentialed engineers with specific experience in fall protection and façade access systems ensures that work is being performed utilizing industry best practices and more importantly, provides you with peace of mind.

As experts in our industry, we stand behind our services and provide warranty of all services that we provide.

Our track record:

Our success has been built on a companywide culture that is rooted in responsiveness to the needs of our clients and delivery of exceptional solutions at a reasonable cost.

We have a solid track record of success in delivering solutions that meet the expectation of our clients.

We have completed thousands of inspections of fall protections and roof anchor and façade access systems

We have completed hundreds of designs and retrofits of existing systems

We have performed extensive site assessments to help our clients understand their fall protection needs

We have performed many lifecycle evaluation of existing fall protection systems and building maintenance systems to help clients plan replacement of systems reaching end of service life

Our clients range from industrial establishments to commercial, residential and institutional clients such as university campuses.